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Find your New Mexico tax account info

Income tax withholding

If you've run payroll in New Mexico in the past, you can find your CRS Identification Number on Form CRS-1, as well as other notices received from the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department. If you're unsure of your number, you should call the agency at (505) 827-0700.

Unemployment tax

You'll find your Employer Account Number (EAN) on notices received from the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, such as the Quarterly Wage and Contribution Report. If you are unsure, you can always call the agency at (877) 664-6984.

Your NM Total Tax Rate can be found on the Employer Contribution Rate notice that you received from the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions. If you're unsure, please call the agency at (877) 664-6984. Click here to view state-by-state UI rates and wage bases.

Third party access (TPA) for withholding tax 

Gusto will attempt to access your withholding account online. If we are unable to view your account using the information we have on file, we will notify you and request some more info (zip code, last payment amount, or most recent total tax due).

Third party access (TPA) for unemployment tax 

Please use the following instructions seen in this guide to assign a third party agent.

  1. Visit the NM Department of Workforce Solutions website.
  2. Click the Employer Login icon.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password, and click Login.
  4. On the Employer Homepage, click the Account Maintenance link.
  5. Click the Third Party Administrator (TPA) Authorization link.
  6. Click New.
  7. Enter the Gusto's TPA ID: 500001831.
  8. Click Next.
    • A page displays showing Gusto's information (Gusto’s legal business name, Zenpayroll, may populate as the Agent Name once the ID is entered — proceed as instructed). Initially, no roles will be assigned to Gusto.
  9. Enter the date that Gusto will begin performing services for your company.
    • Make sure to set the TPA start date to the beginning of the Quarter that you are starting with Gusto: (Q1 = 01/01, Q2 = 04/01, Q3 = 07/01 and Q4 = 10/01).
  10. Select only the following check boxes to authorize Gusto to perform these actions for your company:
    • Account Maintenance Update and Submit
    • Payments Update and Submit
    • Employment and Wage Detail Update and Submit
  11. Click Save.
    • The page will update with a grid showing Gusto's assigned roles.
  12. Once finished, click the Logoff link in the upper-left part of the page to close your session.

Troubleshooting TPA for unemployment tax

  • Selecting effective dates
    •  The "begin date" needs to be the beginning of the quarter MM/YY (Q1 = 01/01, Q2 = 04/01, Q3 = 07/01 and Q4 = 10/01) or Gusto may not be able to file or make tax payments.
    • The TPA "end date" should be left blank.
  • Prior payroll service provider
    • If you're switching from another provider, you must un-assign roles from your previous provider and assign roles to Gusto.
    • The TPA end date for your prior payroll service provider should be updated to show the end date for the quarter they last filed for you (Q1 = 03/31, Q2 = 06/30, Q3 = 09/30 and Q4 = 12/31).
      • The previous TPA access and roles will need an end date, before roles can be assigned to Gusto.
  • Multiple locations
    • If your company has more than one reporting unit/location, please be sure that Gusto has TPA roles for each unit. By default, the agency's system assigns Gusto TPA roles to all reporting units.

If you have any questions in regards to assigning Gusto's roles to your account, please contact NMDWS at (877) 664-6984.

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