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New company registration in North Carolina

North Carolina tax agencies

  • North Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR) - income tax withholding
  • North Carolina Employment Security Commission -unemployment tax

Register a new company

Income tax withholding

New employers in the state of North Carolina can register with the Department of Revenue online to obtain their Department of Revenue Account ID. You should receive your Account ID instantly if successful. You will also receive a notice in the mail a few days later with your Account ID and filing frequency, which both need to be entered in Gusto.

When you receive your coupon booklets from the agency, the forms will be preprinted with the correct Account ID and filing frequency. If the booklet contains a quarterly Withholding Return, (Form NC-5) then you have a quarterly frequency (most common for newer employers). If the booklet contains monthly Withholding Returns (Form NC-5) then you are on a monthly schedule. If the booklet contains Form NC-5P, Withholding Payment Voucher and a Form NC-5Q, North Carolina Quarterly Income Tax Withholding Return then you are a semi-weekly depositor. 

Unemployment tax

Most companies are liable for state unemployment if you have at least one employee in 20 different calendar weeks during a calendar year or pay $1500 in wages in any calendar quarter.

To check if your company is liable and to register for your Employment Security Account Number (also called Unemployment Tax Number) you can visit the Division of Employment Security website and register online. Once registered, you will receive your account number and tax rate in 6-8 weeks. 

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