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Income tax withholding

If you are an existing employer in Ohio, the Department of Taxation should have issued you an 8-digit withholding account number. This can be found on both the Registration Confirmation Letter and the Employer's Payment of Ohio Tax Withheld (Form IT-501), and it will begin with 51, 52, 53, or 54. If you're unsure of the number you can call the agency at (888) 405-4089. The agency will also issue you a withholding deposit schedule of either quarterly, monthly or partial-weekly based on the combined withholding tax liability (state and school district taxes) for the 12 month period ending June 30th of the previous year. You can find details about the deposit schedule on the Department of Taxation FAQ article here.

Unemployment tax

The Department of Job and Family Services should have also issued you a Unemployment Compensation Tax Account Number. You can find this on the Determination of Employer's Liability (Form JFS 66314) or Contribution Rate Determination which is issued in November. You can also call the agency at (614) 466-2319 if you're unsure of your number. They will also issue you an Ohio Contribution rate, also known as the unemployment tax rate. This rate can also be found in this year's Determination of Employer's Liability (Form JFS 66314) or Contribution Rate Determination.

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