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New company registration in Oklahoma

Income tax withholding

Register with the Oklahoma Tax Commission by visiting the Oklahoma Taxpayer Access point (OkTAP) website. Click on Register, then Register a BusinessYou should receive your Account ID within five days after registering online, 2 weeks if registering by mail, or same day if registering in person. You will also receive your deposit schedule. Please keep this time frame in mind when planning your first Oklahoma payroll. If you have any questions about the registration process please call the agency at (405) 521-3160.

Unemployment tax

Most companies are liable for state unemployment if they have one or more employees in each of 20 different calendar weeks during a calendar year or pay $1500 of payroll in a calendar quarter. You can check your liability and register online with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. Click on the link that says Create an Employer Account. You should receive your number and tax rate in 2-3 weeks after registering online. Click here to view state-by-state new employer rates and wage bases. If you have any questions please call the agency at (405) 557-5330.

Third party access

Once you have created your account with the Oklahoma Tax Commission, you’ll need to log back into OkTAP and click on Allow Third Party Access on the left hand side to create your new passphrase.

After creating your passphrase, please enter it into your Gusto account so that we may request access to your account and make payments on your behalf.

Once we have requested access, you will have a new to-do item on your dashboard that will ask you to once again login to the Oklahoma Tax Commission and grant Gusto access. This will only happen after we have requested this access.

Please see below for detailed steps, which can also be found here.

  1. After logging into the Oklahoma Tax Commission, click Allow Third Party Access on the left side of the page.
  2. Enter and confirm your passphrase. Your passphrase must be 10 or more characters and contain one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Then click submit in the top right. 
  3. Sign into Gusto and provide us with your passphrase.
    • Click Company Details > Scroll to "State Tax Settings" > click edit next to "OkTAP Passphrase" > enter the passphrase and click Save.
  4. Look for a to-do item on your Gusto dashboard asking you to approve our request for access. 
  5. Once you see this to-do item, sign back into the Oklahoma Tax Commission and click on My Profile.
  6. Click on Manage Additional Log-ons and grant Gusto "All Access."

Troubleshoot Oklahoma Tax Commission authorization issues

Some agencies require special authorization for Gusto to pay or file your taxes. To gain authorization in Oklahoma, you must approve Gusto’s request to access your account online.

To ensure the success of our request, please make sure you have an open withholding account. Also, verify that the following information you have entered into Gusto matches what is on file with the Oklahoma Tax Commission:

  • OK TAP passphrase
  • OK Account ID
  • Location zip code on record with Oklahoma Tax Commission

Gusto will let you know if:

  • We're having trouble gaining access to your account 
  • The OK Account ID or Passphrase provided is incorrect 
  • We were able to request access but are unable to confirm that you have granted us authorization

Having Zip Code Issues? 

If Gusto is having trouble finding your account after you give us the Passphrase, it could be because our system doesn't have the same Oklahoma zip code that's on record with the state.

  • The agency's zip code will match the location address used when you registered with Oklahoma Tax Commission; it's usually an Oklahoma zip code. 

If the zip code that's in Gusto's records is correct, please contact the agency at (405) 521-3160 to have your location address updated in their system. 

If the physical address on file with the state is correct, please update your Oklahoma work address in Gusto. 

Having trouble approving Gusto's request for access (after creating a Passphrase)?

Any authorized user from your company can usually create the Passphrase, but the second step to approve Gusto's request must be completed by your firm's "Master User." This is the person who originally created your company's online profile in OkTAP. If you are unsure who this is, you can call (405) 521-3160 for assistance.

For additional troubleshooting, we recommend giving the agency a call at (405) 521-3160.


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