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Income tax withholding and unemployment tax

Most companies are liable for state unemployment tax when they pay $1,000 or more in payroll in a calendar quarter or have one or more employees in each of 18 weeks during a calendar year. You can find out if you are liable and register online with the Central Business Registry

You should receive your Business Identification Number or BIN in 3-5 days after registering online, 7-10 days if registering by mail, or same day if registering in person. You will also receive your unemployment tax rate. Your BIN number will either be 8 or 9 digits. If it is 9 digits with a leading 0, please leave the leading 0 off when entering in Gusto.

  • Example: If the agency documentation has "Business Identification Number 01234567-8," omit the zero and only 12345678 in Gusto.

Unemployment tax rate

Click here to view state-by-state new employer rates and wage bases. If you're unsure of your rate, call the agency at (503) 947-1488.

TriMet and LTD Excise tax

An excise tax is also mandatory for most employers in the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District (TriMet) and the Lane Transit District (LTD).  See here for more information.

South Clackamas tax

If your business is located in South Clackamas you will be given a 4-digit tax ID by the South Clackamas Transportation District. If you're unsure of your ID, please call the agency at (503) 829-7000.

Eugene Community Safety Payroll Tax

If you pay wages to employees with a physical address in Eugene, Oregon, you must register and file with the City of Eugene. Complete your registration through the MUNIRevs portal here. You'll receive an account number that needs to be entered in the Company details section of your Gusto account.

If you have additional questions about the tax, you can contact the agency at (541) 682-5053.

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