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New company registration in Tennessee

Unemployment tax

Every employer in Tennessee is required to fill out a Report to Determine Status, Application for Employer Number (LB-0441) and mail it in. If they determine you are liable, the Department of Labor & Workforce Development will send you an eight digit employer account number that will appear as XXXX-XXX X. You should receive this number in 2-3 weeks after registering.

Unemployment insurance rate

New employers in the state of Tennessee will generally have a tax rate of 2.7%. New construction employers in certain North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) sectors may be assessed a higher rate. New construction employers classified under NAICS 23 are assessed a tax rate of 6%. Each year you will receive an updated rate on your Notice of Premium Rate. Call the agency at (615) 741-2486 if you're unsure of your rate.