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  • Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) - unemployment tax

Unemployment tax

If you've already registered with the TWC, they will have issued you an account number and tax rate.

The TWC unemployment account number format is: ##-######-#

  • The leading two digits will start with two digits between 00 and 20.
  • Political subdivisions and reimbursing employers (often non-profit businesses) are assigned an account number starting with 99.
  • Account numbers can be found on the Employer's Quarterly Report (Form C-3), or your TWC Liability Notice received after registering for your account, or other TWC correspondence that includes your valid number (tax rate notices, TWC account determination, action notification letters, etc).

Your Texas Effective UI Tax Rate appears on the notice that you receive from the TWC each year.

If you can't locate your account number or rate you can call the TWC at (512) 463-2731 or reach them by email at [email protected].

While not company-specific, you can click here to view state-by-state UI rate ranges and wage bases.

Texas third party written authorization process

In order for Gusto to file and pay taxes accurately, and validate company information (like your assigned unemployment rate), we need you to assign Gusto third-party authorization. To do so:

  1. Sign in to the Unemployment Tax Services website.
  2. Click the Account Info tab.
  3. Select Third Party Authorization from the Quick Links menu.
  4. Review all account and user information and update as needed using the relevant Quick Links on the Account Info tab:
    • Employer Name
    • FEIN
    • Business type
    • Mailing address
    • Phone number
  5. Proceed to complete Form C-42 once all information is reviewed and up to date.
  6. Review the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure agreement.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Use the DocuSign feature to sign the form. The Written Authorization must be signed by the:
    • Individual, if the employer is a sole proprietor
    • Owner or an officer of an organization or a partner of a partnership
    • Fiduciary or trustee for a trust or estate
  9. Under the Grantee Section, please use the following information for Gusto:
    • Grantee’s TWC Account Number is: 140202401
      • Important: this is Gusto's Service Agent Account Number and should not be used for any purpose other than providing Gusto access to your account.
    • Grantee’s Name is: Gusto Inc
      • Do not use any special characters like commas or periods or you may receive an error.
    • Grantee’s address is: 1201 16th St, Suite 350, Denver, CO 80202
  10. Click Grant Written Authorization.
    • Optional: You can print the completed form for your records, if desired.
  11. Click Finish once complete.
    • A copy of the completed form will be sent to the email associated with your employer account.
    • A copy of the completed form will also be available for reference in the eCorrespondence tab in the agency’s website.
  12. Once complete, please sign in to Gusto and click the Taxes & compliance section and select Tax setup
  13. Under "Texas Tax Setup", click Manage Taxes.
  14. Update UI Registration section to indicate "Yes, I have authorized Gusto."

Troubleshoot common errors and issues

Some employers enter an incorrect account number in Gusto, here are some account numbers you should not enter as the TWC Unemployment account number:

  • Federal employer identification number (FEIN)—issued by IRS
  • A different state's unemployment tax account number
  • Texas Secretary of State, or other state jurisdiction filing number or charter number
  • Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts tax ID (i.e., franchise tax, sales and use tax, etc.)
  • Your prior Professional Employer Organization (PEO)'s TWC UI Tax Account Number.
    • When an employer leaves a PEO and resumes employment of its own employees, the employer must:
      • Reopen their formerly closed TWC account number if they were with the PEO for less than 3 years.
      • Register for a new TWC UI Tax Account Number If they were with the PEO longer than 3 or if they never previously registered as an employer.
  • "Errored" or duplicate UI Tax Account Number the TWC created in error.
    • A notification letter would have been mailed to the employer’s address of record when an account is "errored". The letter includes:
      • The correct, active UI Tax Account Number to replace the errored one with
      • The correct, active EID, to replace with the duplicate EID.
    • An errored account cannot be made active again.
  • TWC non-liable UI Tax Account Number—this is issued when you set up an account before meeting the liability limit.
    • When this happens, a notification letter is mailed to the employer’s address of record informing them to register for a new UI Tax Account whenever they pay wages that meet the liability requirement.

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