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New company registration in Utah

Income tax withholding and state unemployment tax

Visit the OneStop Online Business Registration to register for both tax agencies in Utah. You will receive a temporary account number instantly after registering online, but do not enter this into Gusto. Your permanent number and deposit schedule will arrive in about 2 weeks, and this is what you should enter in your Gusto account. If you have any questions about the registration process, you should call the agency at (801) 983-0275.

Most companies are liable for state unemployment if they have one or more employees for some portion of a day in a current or previous year or have paid $1500 payroll in a calendar quarter. If your company is liable, you will receive your Employer Registration Number and Unemployment Tax Rate (also referred to as your Unemployment Contribution Rate) once you have completed the online business registration. It generally ranges from 1.1%–5.5% for new employers. If you're unsure of what your rate is, you should call the agency at (801) 526-9235.