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New company registration in Virginia

Virginia tax agencies

  • Virginia Department of Taxation (TAX) - income tax withholding
  • Virginia Employment Commission (VEC)- unemployment tax

Register a new company

You can register for both tax agencies by visiting the VA Tax Online Services for Businesses website and selecting the option for Are you a new Business? Register Here.

You should receive both your VA Tax Account Number (income tax withholding number), income tax withholding deposit schedule, and VEC Account Number (unemployment tax number) instantly after registering online. 

Keep in mind, this state restricts you from registering for unemployment insurance until you meet the state's liability requirements which are generally: 

  • Paying wages of at least $1,500 in a quarter;
  • Paying one or more employees during any 20 weeks in a year; or
  • For nonprofits, employing at least four workers during 20 weeks in either the current or preceding year.

If you're a new employer, you'll get your rate once you become liable and are able to complete your registration with the agency. Click here to view state-by-state new employer rates and wage bases (not company-specific). 

What to enter in Gusto

The tax rate that you enter in Gusto should your agency-assigned rate and include:

  • Your Base Tax Rate
  • Pool Cost Charge (if applicable, rates vary by year)
  • Fund Building Charge (if applicable, the charge varies by year). 

If you have any questions about your rate or the registration process call the agency at (804) 786-3061.

Third party access (TPA) 

In order for Gusto to work with the agency on your behalf regarding tax-related issues, you'll need to grant Gusto third party access. Follow these instructions to grant Gusto TPA to the Virginia Online Services. 

  1. Set up your own account here if you haven't already registered.
    • Usually, you'll want to enroll for both unemployment (VEC) and withholding tax (TAX) if you have employees living and working in Virginia. 
  2. On your home page, find the Tax Preparer Maintenance section. Under the Assign Tax Preparer, follow the instructions to add Gusto as a Tax Preparer.
  3. Follow the instructions to add Gusto as a Tax Preparer.
    • Our Unique Identifier is: Gusto! 
  4. Under "Level of Permission you want your Tax Preparer to have", grant us "Approver" access. Then click Assign.

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