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Find your Washington tax account info

Tax account numbers

You can find your Washington account numbers on the Quarterly Tax and Wage Detail Reports (form 5208 A).

SUI rate

The Washington SUI Tax Rate appears on the notice that you receive from the Washington Employment Security Department each year. Click here to view state-by-state UI rates and wage bases. If you're unsure about your rate, please call the agency at (855) 829-9243. 

Washington Labor and Industries (L&I) authorization

If you're coming to Gusto from another payroll provider, you must transfer 3rd party authorization to Gusto by filling out the authorization form in your Gusto profile. Without 3rd party authorization, we will be unable to file your tax return to WA L&I. 

This agency is separate from WA Employment Security. You can find your account number by logging into your WA L&I account here. Once you've entered your Washington L&I account number in Gusto, you'll see the authorization form in the Documents section of your account under the Company tab.

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