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New company registration in West Virginia

West Virginia tax agencies

  • West Virginia State Tax Department - income tax withholding
  • WorkForce West Virginia - unemployment tax

Register a new company

Income tax withholding

Register with the West Virginia State Tax Department to obtain your Withholding Account Number. You should receive your number one week after registering online, or in three weeks if registering by mail.  Please keep this time frame in mind when planning your first West Virginia payroll.

Unemployment account number

Register with WorkForce West Virginia online to obtain an Unemployment Compensation Account Number and tax rate. This may take a couple of weeks for your registration to complete, but you may call the agency to receive this number quicker. Click here to view state-by-state new employer rates and wage bases. If you're unsure of your account number or rate, you should call the agency at (304) 558-2677.

Third Party access to the Department of Revenue 

In order for Gusto to file and pay your taxes to the West Virginia Department of Revenue, you will need to grant Gusto third party access.

Once you've added your withholding account number in Gusto, we will request access to this account. You will then be prompted on your dashboard to approve us as your TPA. To approve our request:

  1. Log into the West Virginia MyTaxes Website.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Manage My Account Access under the "I Want To" section. 
  4. Select the Grant Third Party Access link. 
  5. In the 3rd Party Logon box enter "Zenpayroll1". 
  6. In the 3rd Party Email box enter [email protected].
  7. Select Next
  8. Verify the correct 3rd party (Gusto or ZenPayroll) has been identified.
  9. Select the link indicating This is the correct 3rd party
  10. Select Accounts to grant Gusto access to your Withholding account.
  11. Select Access Level as "File & Pay" and Submit

    Note: Gusto’s legal business name, ZenPayroll, will populate as the Agent Name during the authorization process. This is expected behavior.

Once you have approved Gusto as your TPA, go back to the "West Virginia Tax Setup" section in your Gusto account. Under "MyTaxes Access Request", select Yes, I have accepted your request and click Save.

Huntington City tax

If you are an employer in Huntington City, you are required to obtain a unique employer ID. If you have not yet registered your business with the City of Huntington Finance Division, you may do so by completing the application online or calling the city at (304) 696-5969.

The Huntington City Deposit Schedule is used to determine what frequency Gusto will pay and file your taxes with the City of Huntington Finance Division. The schedule is typically quarterly unless the agency has notified your business that you have a monthly schedule.  

Parkersburg City tax

If you are an employer in Parkersburg, you are required to obtain a unique employer ID. If you have not yet registered with the City of Parkersburg, please do so by calling (304) 424-8556 or emailing [email protected]

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