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New company registration in Wyoming

Unemployment tax

Register with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services online to obtain a UI Account Number and tax rate. You should receive this info in 3 months after registering online. Click here to view state-by-state new employer rates and wage bases.

If your company does not reside in Wyoming, you will need to complete both the online Joint Business Registration as well as an Out-of-State Questionnaire. The agency will not begin processing your registration until both the online registration and the Questionnaire have been received. The Questionnaire can be sent via email to [email protected] or FAX to (307) 235-3278. 

Also, if your business is a 501(c)(3), you will need to provide a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS. 

If you have any questions about the process you should call the agency at (307) 235-3217. 

Workers' Compensation

You can register with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services for your Worker’s Compensation (WC) Employer Number using the same registration form that was used to obtain your UI Account Number. You should receive your Workers' Compensation Employer Number in 4-8 weeks after registering online.

Set up workers' comp for your employees in Gusto

For each employee in Wyoming, let us know if they're subject to workers compensation (WC) coverage by following these steps: 

  1. Go to the People section.
  2. Select a Wyoming employee.
  3. Scroll to "Wyoming Taxes".
  4. Next to the "Workers' Comp Coverage" click in the blue edit pen.
  5. Select "Yes, this employee is covered" or "No, this employee is exempt."
  6. If an employee is covered, enter the employee's six-digit Risk Class Code (RCC), which varies by job type.
    • If you're unsure what an employee's RCC is, contact the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services directly.
  7. Let us know if the employee is an "Owner/Officer/LLC Member" that has elected coverage or not.
    • Owners/Officers/LLC member's premiums are calculated on a standard wage amount, and not their actual wage amount. Learn more here
  8. Click Save

Next, you need to set the rate for your WC along with other Unemployment Insurance (UI) and WC info:

  1. Go to the Company details section.
  2. Scroll to "Wyoming Tax Setup" 
  3. Click Manage Taxes
  4. Click the blue edit pen. 
  5. Enter your Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax rate.
    • This rate can be found on your Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate Notice or Quarterly UI/WC Summary Report (Form WYO056). 
  6. Enter the Workers Compensation rate for each of your risk class codes that you entered for your employee(s).
  7. Enter your Unemployment Insurance (UI) account number.
    • This can be found on your Unemployment Insurance Tax Rate Notice or Quarterly UI/WC Summary Report (Form WYO056).
  8. Enter your Workers Compensation (WC) employer number.
    • This can be found on your Quarterly UI/WC Summary Report (Form WYO056).
  9. Click Save

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