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Claim the Federal Research & Development Tax Credit

After you have completed an audit of your company’s R&D expenses with your accountant and filed Form 6765 with your business’ income tax return, you can proceed with claiming the credit in Gusto.

The first step is to make sure your accountant has been added as an admin in your Gusto account so that they can assist with claiming this credit. After your accountant has been added as an admin please email to let us know you will be claiming the credit.

Your accountant will claim the credit for you via their own dashboard. They will need your business’ 2016 income tax return and Form 6765 to complete the process. If you have already claimed part of the credit, they will also need your previous Form 8974. Please remember that your accountant will need to submit all the necessary info to Gusto by the 15th of the quarter end month to be included in the quarterly filing.

Gusto will then complete and file Form 941 as well as Form 8974 so your company can claim the credit and receive the refund. The IRS estimates the refund will take 6-8 weeks to arrive after we file.