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Set up a client to claim the Federal R&D Tax Credit

Part one: Credit for Qualified Research

  1. Sign into your Partner dashboard.

  2. Go to the Clients section.

  3. Click the Actions menu on the far-right.

  4. Click Federal R&D credit.

  5. Select the type of business income tax return this company uses.

  6. Select the Fiscal Tax Year this company uses.

  7. Enter the date this company filed their tax return.

    • The filing date is used to determine the first eligible quarter that the credit can be claimed.

  8. If this company filed under a different Federal EIN at any point in their corporate tax year, the previous Federal EIN is required for the Federal R&D Credit filing.

  9. Enter the total Federal R&D Credit claimed.

    • This amount can be found on Line 44 of the 6765 Form. 

  10. Click Save & Continue.

Part two: Previous Credit Claims

  1. Select whether your client has claimed part of this credit on a Form 941 this fiscal year or not.

  2. If this company claimed the credit in any prior quarters, please enter these values so we may determine their remaining Federal R&D Credit.

  3. Click Save & Continue.

Part three: Before You Submit

  1. Review the information to make sure everything is accurate. 

  2. Once you are ready, click File Tax Credit

  3. Determine if you’d like this credit to be taken quarterly (free), or in real time.

The client should see the refund from the IRS about 8-12 weeks following the 941 filing (if not claiming the credit in real time).


Q: Can the R&D Credit be retroactively applied to previously closed quarters?

A: No, this is no longer accepted by the IRS. If a client has remaining credit they still need to claim, they can apply it for quarters going forward only. 

Q: Can we claim more than one credit?

A: No. Only one credit can be claimed at a time until the full amount is used up.

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