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Using Gusto's in-app calendar

As part of Gusto's People platform, you can keep track of important company dates right from your Gusto account using the in-app calendar.

Locate and navigate your Gusto calendar 

  1. In the top-right hand corner of Gusto next to your name, click the Calendar icon that appears next to the gift and alert icons.

    • A snapshot of the current calendar month will be presented.

  2. Use the arrows next to the month to navigate to upcoming and/or previous months.

  3. Click on any icon within the calendar to view additional event details.

Calendar events that appear on the Gusto calendar

  • Pay dates 
  • Holidays
  • Co-workers’ out of office days
  • Co-workers’ birthdays and work anniversaries*
  • Co-workers’ start dates*
  • Payroll Events*
  • Gustomer Anniversary*
  • Pending time off requests*

*The ability to view these events is based on an administrator's permission. If you do not see one of these events, please reach out to the primary administrator for your company. Primary administrators can edit an administrator's permissions as needed.

The primary administrator also controls calendar visibility at the team-level. Read below to review what information is available to your team and how to hide that information if desired.

Employee calendar visibility

Employees will have access to:

  • Scheduled pay dates
  • Birthdays/anniversaries of team mates
  • Co-workers approved time off
    • Displayed as out of office days

How to hide employee information:

  1. As the primary administrator in Gusto, Click the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Customization tab.
  3. Follow the steps below based on your product plan:
    • [Core]: Click edit next to Share important dates > toggle the Status to Disabled > click Save.
    • [Complete + Concierge]: Click edit next to Coworker directory > toggle the Status to Disabled > click Save.

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