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How can we help?

HR Resource Center

With the HR Resource center you can get quick, reliable answers to your HR questions, protect your organization and your people, and confidently tackle HR challenges with the assistance of HR Professionals.

The HR Resource Center is only available to customers on the Concierge plan - you can upgrade your plan at any time.

HR Resource Center Topics

The Resource Center and HR Pros can help with a wide variety of topics, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Employee handbooks
  • Job descriptions
  • Termination guidelines and documentation
  • Hiring best practices, documentation, and state-specific laws
  • PTO
  • Conflict Management
  • Law alert updates
  • Employer HR training videos
  • Benefit forms
  • HR fitness testing

Not seeing a topic you have a question about? Visit the HR Resource Center from your Gusto account and use the search bar in the portal to look for related information. 

HR Resource Center Administrator

In order to contact the HR Pros, you must first be the designated HR Resource Center admin in Gusto. The HR Pros will not speak directly with an employee unless that employee is also the designated HR Resource Center admin in Gusto.

  • Reminder: The HR Pros are there to help coach the HR admin from the company on best practices for situations, but cannot speak with employees about their specific situation(s).

To view or change the HR Resource Center admin for your company:

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Gusto Admins tile.
  3. Review the Permissions column to identify the current HR Resource admin.
  4. Click change HR Resource Center admin.
  5. Select the admin you would like to designate as the HR Resource Admin.
  6. Click Save.

HR Pros or Dedicated Support?

Consult the HR Pros when looking for compliance-related HR advice and guidance. Work with your Dedicated Support team to answer Gusto-specific questions.

If you have legal questions concerning your situation you should consult with a licensed attorney.

Need to call the HR Pros?

The HR Pros are available Monday-Friday from 5am PT to 5pm PT. 

Call the HR Pros at: (877) 880-4772.

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