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Request an employee handbook from the HR Pros

An employee handbook is a powerful tool used to communicate an organization's policies and practices, values, culture, and vision. 

If you’re a Gusto customer on the Concierge plan you can request an employee handbook right from your HR Resource Center portal in Gusto. 

  • Additional detail about the types of handbooks available can be found below.
  • The HR Pros can not review handbooks created outside of the HR Resource Center. 

To get started:

  1. Click the HR Resources tab.
  2. Click the Employee Handbook tile.
  3. Select the type of employee handbook you’d like to create:
    • Express
    • Professional (recommended)
      • Limited to one professional handbook per year.
  4. Complete the questionnaire about the company.

Once the employee handbook is complete it will be provided as a Microsoft Word document that  can be downloaded and edited. You can also upload the handbook in Gusto for employees to review in their account.

Employee Handbook Options

  • Express Handbook
    • ~30-minute time to completion
    • Answers to a series of questions about the company will drive the handbook creation.
    • No consultation from the HR team.
  • Professional Handbook (recommended)
    • ~3-5 business day time to completion
    • In-depth handbook creation
    • Limited to one professional handbook per year, per account.
    • The HR team will build and customize a handbook tailored to your organization.
    • One-on-one consultation with an HR Pro after creation - review, question, edit, etc.

Once a handbook is created from the HR Resource Center, you can edit existing policies, add new sections, review recent state-specific policy changes, and get guidance around HR pain points and policy opportunities.

The HR Pros cannot review or update existing handbooks that were not created in the HR Resource Center.

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