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Smart text in offer letters

You can use smart text to create placeholders when you create an offer letter template (i.e. employee name, start date, etc).

When you’re ready to send an offer to a prospective employee, we'll gather the necessary details to auto-fill these fields within the offer.

Each offer letter must include a smart text field for the employer and employee signature.

Insert smart text

  1. Within the text editor, click where you’d like to insert a smart text field.
  2. Click on the + Insert smart text dropdown.
  3. Click on a field to insert.

Custom text

If you can't find the smart text field you want to use, you can add text manually to create a custom placeholder within the offer letter template. When you're ready to send an offer letter, you'll be able to enter the employee-specific details for the placeholder. 

  • Example: within the existing offer template text, enter something like, [INSERT RELOCATION PACKAGE].

Note: This does not create a 'smart text' field that will populate during step one of sending the offer. You will fill in the placeholders manually during step two (Edit template), where you are able to edit all portions of the offer letter.

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