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Time off Balances Report

This report is available to Complete and Concierge customers only. Learn more here to upgrade your account.

The Time off Balances report provides information on your employees’ time off accrual, usage, and ending balances for a specific date range.

Because certain states require time off balances to be paid when an employee leaves a company, Gusto also calculates a PTO liability based on an employee’s PTO balance and their current primary rate of pay.

  • Gusto will automatically pay out unused PTO upon dismissal, if you do not wish to pay out unused PTO and you are located in a state where that is acceptable per state law, you must zero out the employee’s PTO balance and remove them from the PTO policy before dismissing them.

To view, download, and/or print the Time off Balances Report:

  1. Click the Reports tab.

  2. Click the Summary Reports tab.

  3. Select the Time Off Balances tile.

  4. The report will automatically include:

    • Employee name

    • Accrued time

    • Hours used

    • Ending balance

  5. Check the box Paid Time Off Liability total to view the liability associated with PTO if it was to be paid out when the employee leaves the company

  6. Select the time period for the report.

    • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, or a Custom date range.

      • Important: If you select a time period before January 1, 2019, Gusto will default to a basic version of the Time off Report. For this reason, you cannot enter a custom date range that spans back to 2018.

  7. Select the employees to include in the report.

    • All or specific employees

  8. Select how you would like to Group the report.

    • By employee or department

  9. Click Generate Report.

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