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View your paid time off balances & requests

Once you've requested paid time off, manage and view your paid time off request history:

  1. Click the Time Off tab.
  2. Click Manage Requests for Vacation or Sick.

 On this page, you can view:

  • Available Hours: Remaining time off hours you're available to use
  • Requested Hours: Your total Pending Requests + Approved Requests time off hours
  • Earning Policy: The rate at which you earn time off
  • Maximum Hours: If this is part of your company's time off policy, the maximum number of hours you can earn per year
  • Pending Requests: Your requested time off that has not yet been approved or declined
  • Approved Requests: Your approved time off that has not yet been paid in payroll (payroll has not yet processed for all requested dates)
  • Declined: Your requested time off that has been declined
  • Past Vacation/Sick Time: Your approved time off that has been paid in payroll (payroll has already processed for all requested dates)