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View your paid time off balances & requests

Once you've requested paid time off, manage and view your paid time off request history:

  1. Click the Time Off tab.
  2. Click Manage Requests for Vacation or Sick.

 On this page, you can view:

  • Available Hours: Remaining time off hours you're available to use
  • Requested Hours: Your total Pending Requests + Approved Requests time off hours
  • Earning Policy: The rate at which you earn time off
  • Maximum Hours: If this is part of your company's time off policy, the maximum number of hours you can earn per year
  • Pending Requests: Your requested time off that has not yet been approved or declined
  • Approved Requests: Your approved time off that has not yet been paid in payroll (payroll has not yet processed for all requested dates)
  • Declined: Your requested time off that has been declined
  • Past Vacation/Sick Time: Your approved time off that has been paid in payroll (payroll has already processed for all requested dates)

To track the changes made to your PTO balance(s) over time, you can view your Time Off Tracker.

This feature is only available to Complete and Concierge customers. If you don't see the Time Off tab it means you don't have access to this feature. Reach out to your payroll admin with questions. 

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