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Cash requirements report

The cash requirements report provides more insight into your payroll debits and liabilities. You can view the total debits, check payments, and outstanding liabilities from your payroll as a summary, or broken down by employee. Once you run this report, you can download the report and print it if needed. 

To locate this report, follow these steps: 

  1. Click the Reports tab
  2. Click the Payroll History tab
  3. Hover over the check date and click View Details. 
  4. Click the Cash Requirements Summary link below the "Debited by Gusto" headline.

Total Payroll

  • Total Cash Remitted by Gusto
  • Total Check Payments
  • Total Liabilities


Debits - money debited from the company bank account

  • Total Direct Deposits

  • All money directly transferred to employees

Total Reimbursements

  • All tax free money paid out in this payroll

Total Taxes 

  • All taxes paid by both the employee and the company

Liabilities - money remaining in company bank account that needs to be paid 

Total Benefits (Employee And Company)

  • All deductions and contributions for benefits

Total Employee Garnishments

  • All money withheld from employees for wage garnishments

Total Other Deductions (Employee And Company)

  • All other money withheld 


Total Check Payments

  • Checks that have been written and delivered to employees

Debit Details - these values are broken down by employee

Total Direct Deposits Summary

  • Total Reimbursements Summary
  • Total Taxes Summary
  • Total Unpaid Taxes Summary

Liability details - these values are broken down by employee

Benefits Liability Summary 

  • Employee deductions
  • Company contributions

Other Deductions Liability Summary

  • Employee deductions
  • Company contributions

Garnishment Liability Summary 

  • Employee deductions
  • Company contributions

Check details - these values are broken down by employee

Total Checks Summary

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