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Employee survey content

Once you have enabled team insights, on a monthly basis your employees will receive a series of questions that you select.

To get comprehensive survey results we recommend selecting every topic offered (see below). Feel free to unselect anything that you'd like to skip or doesn't feel relevant.

Survey Topics

Topics  Survey Question Options
  • People on my team are held accountable for their performance.
  • I feel like I'm part of the team.
  • People on my team have clear roles and responsibilities.
  • The workload is evenly distributed across my team.
  • Management clearly communicates business goals and objectives to me.
  • I know what is expected of me in my job.
  • I feel comfortable talking to my manager about issues that come up.
  • I feel that I am well managed.
Autonomy and Ownership
  • My workplace environment is comfortable.
  • I have the tools or equipment I need to do my job well.
  • I have the autonomy to perform my job effectively.
Recognition and Performance
  • I believe that work performance is evaluated fairly.
  • I receive recognition from my manager when I do a good job.
  • I get feedback from my manager that helps me get better at my job.
  • When someone is underperforming or not doing their job, management addresses it.
Learning and Growth
  • I'm given opportunities to develop my professional career.
  • There are opportunities for me to grow my career at [COMPANY].
  • I understand what I need to do to progress in my career.
Morale and Retention
  • How likely do you think [COMPANY] is to succeed?
  • I believe that [COMPANY] is moving in the right direction.
  • [COMPANY] provides better products and services than its competitors.
  • I rarely think about looking for another job.
  • I'm able to take time off from work when I need to.
  • The benefits offered by [COMPANY] meet my needs.
  • What's one benefit not offered today that you would like to see?

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