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Enable team insights

The team insights tool is a great way to take a pulse on how your employees are feeling around a wide range of themes at work.

Once you enable the team insights tool we will email a survey to your employees once a month with questions from one of a variety of topics you select.

We find that rotating through topics keeps employee engagement high and gives you time to implement changes based on your findings. Every survey will also include an employee happiness question.

This feature is available to Complete and Concierge plan members - you can upgrade your plan at anytime.

  1. Navigate to the Team Insights tab.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Read through and deselect any topics or questions you do not want to include in your surveys.

    • Note: You must have a minimum of three topics selected.

  4. Click Turn on Surveys.

If you have sent a survey before, we will send these new surveys on the same schedule as your previous survey. If this is your first survey, we will send it the Wednesday after you enable it.

Once your survey has been sent you can see the responses here in the Team Insights tab.

You can always go back and reference past survey results to see how scores trend over time. At this time results cannot be exported from Gusto. 


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