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Send a Birthday Card to your employee

Primary administrators can create an automated birthday card, invite all or a select group of coworkers to sign, and send the card to employees with upcoming birthdays.

Send a birthday card or view upcoming birthdays

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard tab.
  2. Scroll to the 'Celebrations' headline on the right hand side.
    • View upcoming birthdays.
    • Note: Celebrations headline will only appear if there's an event within the next 30 days. 
  3. Click Send a Card.
    • Only the primary administrator of an account can initiate the send.
  4. Confirm the recipient.
  5. Edit the Header text.
  6. Choose the delivery date.
    • This will default to the employee’s actual birthday.
  7. Choose which employees will be invited to sign the card.
    • Important: This will default to all employees. Click edit to customize the list. Employees will not be able to edit their notes after they submit them.
    • Individuals must be W-2 employees with email addresses listed in their Gusto account.
    • If you'd like to sign the card, make sure to include yourself on the list. 
    • Your team will receive the card a week before it's delivery date. 
  8. Choose the birthday card background.
  9. Click Create Card.

The card will be created and emailed to the employees selected for signing. On the delivery date, the recipient will receive an email from Gusto inviting them to view the card.

You can also add employee birthday reminders to your work calendar.

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