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Update your employee's SSN

If you're a Gusto admin with the required permissions, you can edit an employee's Social Security Number by following the instructions below. If you're an employee, reach out to your employer who can assist with the change.

  1. Click the People tab.
  2. Select an employee.
  3. Click the Personal tab.
  4. Click edit next to the Basics headline.
  5. Edit the employee's Social Security Number.
  6. Click Save.

Important: If a previous years' Form W-2 was filed with an incorrect SSN, please contact us at to report the issue.

In required states, Gusto files quarterly unemployment reports that contain an employee's name and social security number. If past unemployment filings have been sent with an incorrect SSN, contact the agency directly to inform them of the error. Gusto is unable to amend unemployment returns for an SSN update.

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