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Give a one-time reimbursement

Reimbursements are not taxed and not reported as regular wages. If you need to set up a recurring reimbursement, rather than issuing it just one-time, follow these instructions.

Give a one-time reimbursement on a payroll by following these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Run Payroll tab.
  2. Click Run Regular Payroll.
  3. Next to your employee, click Reimbursement.
    • If you'd like to give more than one employee the same one-time reimbursement, you can use the bulk edit tool.
  4. Enter the dollar amount.
  5. Finish running payroll.

Once processed, this amount will be seen as a separate line item on your employee's paystub. If you'd like to leave a note about what the reimbursement, add a personal note on the paystub.

Note: If you have payroll on AutoPilot activated you will need to run the payroll manually following the instructions above to add a one-time reimbursement.  

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