Federal and state taxes and forms filed by Gusto

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To view the forms that are available to you in Gusto, click the Taxes & compliance section and select Tax Documents. If you're looking for a specific report, head to this article.

Scroll down in this article for the full list of the federal and state taxes Gusto files on your behalf.

If you received a tax notice, follow the steps here to report the notice to Gusto.  

If you need help amending a return, follow the steps in this article


Check out the full list of federal and state forms that Gusto files on your behalf below

Important: Gusto only files the forms listed below if you've actively processed payrolls using Gusto for the applicable quarter(s). If you're not actively processing payroll, in a single state or in any state, employers are responsible for closing their payroll tax accounts with the federal, state, or local tax agency(ies) directly with the agency. For government payroll, exceptions apply. Read more here.

Click a state below to see which state taxes and forms Gusto will handle on your behalf—this list may not include the form(s) necessary for corrected or amended returns Gusto completes on your behalf.  

Federal taxes

State and local taxes

For state income tax withholding and certain local agencies, employers are required to have their new employees physically sign the state and local version of the Form W-4, and store it for your records

Click a state below to see which taxes and forms Gusto will handle on your behalf. To view the tax forms that are available to you in Gusto, click the Taxes & compliance section and select Tax Documents

  • Filings marked with an asterisk (*) are coupons or payment vouchers or other forms that are filed electronically and will not appear in your Tax documents tab.
  • Filings marked with a double-asterisk (**) are forms that will only be available for January 1st, 2020 and beyond.