Payroll cards, or prepaid debit cards (for employees)

In Gusto, employees can be paid through payroll cards, also known as prepaid debit cards. At this time, payroll cards are not supported for contractors and we do not offer Gusto-specific payroll cards.

How to use a payroll card with Gusto

Have your employee enter their payroll card's routing number and account number in their Gusto profile, and we'll deposit funds directly on the card every pay period. If their card is lost or stolen, have them add a new card or bank account information and delete the old card.

Where to get a payroll card

A good payroll card is Serve card by American Express. They have a lower fee structure and better user experience relative to other payroll cards. 

Learn more or sign up on their website.

Gusto Spending Account—an alternative option

Gusto does not offer payroll cards (prepaid debit cards), but we do offer the option for employees to apply for a Gusto Spending Account1—a personal checking account—which comes with a debit card2.

Unlike a payroll card, a Gusto Spending Account is a personal bank account that an employee must apply for directly. There are several benefits to this type of account, but approval is not guaranteed.

1. The Gusto Cash Account, savings goals, and spending account are issued by nbkc bank, Member FDIC.

2. The Gusto Debit Card is issued by nbkc bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.