Processing payroll overview

Use the dropdowns below to learn more about how processing payroll works within Gusto before processing a regular payroll, an off-cycle payroll, or a bonus payroll

Head to this article to learn about the payroll processing time and direct deposit speeds.

Connect to Plaid

If we’re unable to debit funds for payroll, your payments will be blocked and you may be moved to a slower direct deposit payment speed.

To prevent being moved to a slower payment speed, and debit failure fees, connect your company bank account to Plaid so we can verify your account balance in real-time and avoid disrupting payroll. Learn more about Plaid

Once connected, Gusto can verify your account balance in real-time prior to funding payroll and it's less likely* we'll need to ask for a bank account screenshot. We do not store your bank account’s username and password, and all of your bank credentials are encrypted.

Connect to Plaid

  1. Log in to Gusto. 
  2. Click the Company section and select Company details
  3. Under the “Bank Accounts” headline, under the name of the bank account, click Connect account.
  4. Complete the prompts and answer any security questions, if needed.
  5. If we're able to connect, the "Bank Connection" will show a status of "Connected".
    • If you need to disconnect the bank, contact us from the Help or Priority support section of your account to assist.

*A screenshot may still be requested if:

  • The account balance pulled is less than the debit total.
  • The balance is close to the debit total and there are pending transactions.
  • You use a zero balance account.
  • If we're experiencing technical difficulties connecting to the bank.
  • If we identify another issue related to the account or the payment.