Integrate with Betterment 401(k)

Betterment1 simplifies 401(k) plan administration, making it easy for employers to offer a better 401(k) quickly and easily—all while keeping costs low. The fully-integrated 401(k) platform with Gusto takes the effort out of managing a 401(k) by automating data syncing, including new employee set up and contribution rate settings.


1. Gusto is a Solicitor of Betterment for Business, LLC and Betterment LLC, an SEC-registered  investment advisor (together, “Betterment”) ("Solicitor") and will receive compensation from Betterment upon referrals to Betterment that result in the establishment of a 401(k) plan on the Betterment for Business platform. Betterment and Solicitor are not under common ownership or otherwise related entities.