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Cashout employee overview

With Cashout*, you can request up to 40% of your estimated paycheck, with a maximum of $500. Then, your loan is automatically repaid through your regular direct deposit paycheck.

Like other financial products, you’ll need to meet eligibility criteria in order to use Cashout. If you’re eligible for the benefit, you will see the “Cashout” tab in your employee profile.

Cashout basics

  • Cashouts are capped at 40% of your average paycheck or $500 - whichever is less. This way, you’ll still receive a paycheck on your regular payday.
  • Your net pay in the last two weeks must be at or above $100
    • If your company has a monthly pay schedule, your net pay in the last four weeks must be at or above $200.
  • You can request up to two Cashouts per calendar month, but you’ll have to pay back any outstanding Cashout balances before requesting a new one.
  • Cashout loans submitted by 4pm PT should be deposited in the afternoon of the following business day when sent to an external bank account.
    • Cashout loans sent to a Gusto spending account and/or debit card should be deposited instantly after the transaction is requested.
  • Cashout is not available in the following states: AZ, MA, ME, WV, IL, NV, NJ, ND, PA, and VT.
  • Employee Cashout activity is not shared with employers.

*The Cashout program is issued by Sunrise Banks, N.A., Member FDIC 

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