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Monthly premium payments

Once your benefits are effective, you'll receive premium invoices from your carrier(s). Remember to pay these on or before the due date to avoid the carrier terminating your group plan.

Depending on your company's contribution scheme, we'll make the necessary pre-tax deductions from your employees and leave the money in your company account so you can pay everything to the carrier in one lump sum. 

You may be able to set up automatic payments directly with your carrier. Contact your carrier's support team for help setting that up. Invoices are distributed differently by each carrier but you can expect them to be sent monthly, either by email or snail mail. If you see a dismissed employee on your invoice, pay the full total anyway—you'll receive a credit for that overpayment one the carrier is finished processing the termination. 

Owner's Draw and Premium Deductions

Because owner's draws are pre-tax, you will not see a deduction appear on an owner's draw paystub. The company is paying for the entire cost of health benefits for an owner and no deductions are necessary.

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