Add and manage benefit deductions

If you offer insurance or other benefits outside of Gusto, you can set up pre-tax payroll deductions for your team. This lets you collect employee contributions through payroll deductions, and we'll also include the reported employee and company contributions on year-end tax forms.

Where the deducted money goes: all benefit deductions remain in your company bank account so you can pay your company's insurance premiums directly to your carriers. If your company has multiple bank accounts set up, the money remains in the account you used to process that specific payroll. 

If Gusto is the broker of your health insurance or you've set up a Guideline 401(k) through Gusto, you don't need to take any action to manage deductions—they're automatically integrated with payroll.

If you need to correct a benefit deduction that has already been taken, go here. 

If you'd like to take a one-time deduction while running payroll, click here