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Report a missing payroll processed outside of Gusto

If you’ve already run a payroll with Gusto and need to enter a missing payroll that was processed outside of Gusto, we’ll need some detailed information from you before we can manually add the payroll.

If you’re still setting up your account, you can enter this information in the onboarding process.

Here’s what you’ll need to do

  1. Download the payroll spreadsheet template - you can find it at the base of this article or in the Run Payroll section of your account in the Non-Gusto Payroll tile.
  2. Fill out the details of the spreadsheet—for help understanding payroll and tax terminology check out this article. The spreadsheet includes:
    • Check date(s)
    • Gross wages
    • Employee federal, state, and local taxes
    • Liability status–enter one of the following options:
      • Already paid
      • Gusto needs to pay
      • Not applicable
    • Employee benefit deductions
    • Employer federal, state, and local taxes
      • If you're reporting multiple local taxes, add one or more additional columns to the spreadsheet and separate the tax amounts by each local tax name.
    • Employer benefit contributions
  3. If taxes were not already paid for the payroll(s) being reported, clearly indicate (on the spreadsheet or in an attached memo) what taxes you’d like Gusto to debit from your account and remit to the appropriate agencies.
    • Keep in mind: Any late tax payments may result in penalties and interest which would be the employer’s responsibility to pay.
  4. Upload the spreadsheet and any additional documentation in the Run Payroll section of your account by clicking the Missing Payroll tile.
    • Don’t forget to indicate in the spreadsheet or in your request which taxes, if any, you’d like Gusto to debit and remit on your behalf.

Once the request is received, a team member will be assigned to help with the remaining steps.

Gusto’s next steps

If the missing payroll totals are from a quarter in 2019 or 2020 and Gusto previously processed those quarterly filings on your behalf, we can amend those filings and remit applicable tax payments on your behalf.

If we did not handle your quarterly filings, but you still need missing totals reported for accurate annual filings for 2021 or 2021, we can update your account accordingly and remit Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) liabilities if necessary. 

For payrolls from 2019 or before, you’ll need to complete the adjustments and amendments outside of Gusto.

Download and complete the template below:

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