Edit an employee's personal details (for admins)

As an employer, you'll always need to edit the following information on an employee's behalf—the information may appear on federal and state tax documents so it's important to verify the information before making updates:

If you're an employee, see what information you can update on your own in this article.

Admins can head to the articles below to learn more about how to:

Handling account ownership if someone becomes deceased

If a team member becomes deceased, and a direct family member is trying to take ownership of their account, contact us from the Support section of your account with both:

  1. A death certificate—this must include the relative's name on the certificate, and the person must be a direct family member (mother, father, or spouse).
  2. The family member's photo ID—only a passport or driver's license will be accepted.

Once our Assurance team reviews the documentation and approves, we can help with the change of account ownership.