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Advanced settings for bonus payrolls

Bonus payrolls will have the following default advanced settings:

  • Supplemental withholding rate of 22%.
    • If you would like to apply different withholding settings, you can run an off-cycle payroll and adjust the settings during step four of the process.
  • Only 401(k) deductions will apply.
    • While most plans require these deductions, if you need to stop a 401(k) deduction/contribution from occurring: deactivate the benefit in the employee profile before the payroll run; you can reactivate it in their profile after the payroll has processed.
  • No specified work period on the paystub.
  • If your benefits are managed by Gusto, those benefit amounts that typically happen on regular payroll will not be deducted.

When running a bonus payroll, you can adjust some default settings in the "Hours and earnings" (first page) section of the flow.

  • It is strongly recommended that a work period is included for all bonus and off-cycle payrolls. Payrolls without an associated time period, can lead to incorrect filings and payments

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