Oregon registration and tax info

Before you can pay employees, make sure you've registered for payroll in their applicable work state. This can sometimes take several weeks—the sooner you start the process, the sooner you'll have the tax account info required to pay them. Learn more about paying your first employee in a new state by watching this quick tutorial.

According to the Oregon Form W-4 Instructions, employees may choose to use the Federal Withholding (IRS W-4) status and allowances, but it's recommended that an employee uses the Oregon withholding form (Form OR-W-4) status and allowances to adequately withhold state taxes. 

Click Register a company with state and local agencies or Find account numbers and rate info—the company is already registered with the state to learn more about:

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Need to close or reopen a tax account? Head to our article on closing and reopening a state or local tax account