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Run a bonus payroll

Before you run a bonus payroll, be aware of the following default settings: 

  • Bonus payrolls will use the supplemental withholding rate of 22%. All other withholdings will remain the same.
  • Any benefit deductions and contributions made in regular payrolls won’t be included, except for Guideline 401(k) plans—integrated 401(k) plan deductions and contributions will apply to all payrolls.
  • If you want regular payroll settings applied to the payroll, run an off-cycle payroll instead.

To run a bonus payroll, follow these steps: 

  1. Click the Run Payroll tab.
  2. Click Run bonus.
  3. Select the check date.
  4. Click Advanced Settings if you are adjusting the default payroll settings for this bonus payroll.
  5. Next to the employee, click Enter Payment.
  6. Enter the bonus amount. 
  7. Adjust the payment method to check or direct deposit if needed.
  8. Click Save & Continue.
  9. Review the wages and taxes we will be debiting. 
    • If you need to make adjustments, click Go Back.
    • If you are ready to process, click Submit Payroll.
  10. If you are paying your employee via check, print the check and give it to your employee.
  11. You'll receive a confirmation email letting you know that your bonus payroll has processed.


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