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Check date, pay period, and debit date

What’s the difference between a check date, pay period, and debit date?

Check date is the date that the paycheck will be made for—the day your team receives their wages for a corresponding pay period.

Pay period is the timeframe during which your employee worked. 

Debit date is the date the funds will be taken out of your company bank account in order to pay employees by the check date. 

How does this work for regular payrolls?

For regular payrolls, the debit date is generally two or four business days before the check date.

How does this work for backdated payrolls?

When you backdate a payroll, you can change the check date to a date in the past as long as it's within the same calendar year quarter that the payroll is being created.

For example, you can create a payroll with a check date in April until the end of June.

For any backdated payrolls, the debit date will generally be one to two business days after the backdated payroll is processed.

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