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State requirements for Workers' Compensation insurance

Requirements to obtain Workers' Compensation vary state by state. This table outlines some of these requirements. This is for informational purposes only and should not be used to make Workers' Compensation decisions. Click on the state name to visit their website and learn more about their specific regulations.

State                 Employee Minimum
 Alabama           4
 Alaska  1
 Arizona  1
 Arkansas  3
 California  1
 Colorado  1
 Connecticut  1
 Delaware  1 
 District of Columbia  1
 Florida  4
 Georgia  3 
 Hawaii  1
 Idaho  1
 Illinois  1
 Indiana  1
 Iowa  1
 Kansas  1 
 Kentucky   1
 Louisiana  1
 Maine   1 
 Maryland  1
 Massachusetts  1
 Michigan 3 or more employees at any one time, or employs one or more workers for 35 or more hours per week for 13 or more weeks during preceding 52 weeks
 Minnesota  1 
 Mississippi  5 
 Missouri  5 
 Montana  1 
 Nebraska  1
 Nevada  1
 New Hampshire  1
 New Jersey  1
 New Mexico  3
 New York  1 
 North Carolina   3
 North Dakota State fund
 Ohio State fund
 Oklahoma  1  
 Oregon  1
 Pennsylvania  1
 Rhode Island  1
 South Carolina  4
 South Dakota  1
 Tennessee  5 
 Texas Generally not required, unless in construction or government work
 Utah  1 
 Vermont   1 
 Virginia  3 
 Washington State fund
 West Virginia  1, with some exceptions
 Wisconsin  If you have 3 or more employees you must get insurance immediately. If you have 1 or more employees who have been paid $500 or more in a calendar quarter, you must have insurance by the 10th day of the first month of the following quarter.
 Wyoming State fund

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