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Find your Virginia tax account info

Income tax withholding

If you've already registered your company in Virginia, you can find your VA Tax Account Number on notices received from the VA Department of Taxation. 

Your tax account number will start with a "30-" which indicates it's for Withholding Tax.

  • If your account number starts with any other number, it's likely for a different type of Virginia tax. The Virginia Department of Taxation handles many different (non-payroll related) taxes and you may be registered for multiple tax types.

If you need help finding your withholding tax number, call the agency at (804) 367-8037.

Unemployment tax

You can find your VEC Account Number on notices received from the VA Employment Commission. Your VA Employer Tax Rate will appear in the Tax Rate box of the State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) notice that you receive from the VA Employment Commission. Click here to view state-by-state UI rates and wage bases.

If you have any questions call the agency at (804) 786-3061.

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