Integrate your state's auto-IRA program with Gusto

State auto-IRA programs were created to expand retirement savings access for workers while keeping program administration to a minimum for employers. They are state-sponsored retirement savings plans that require businesses to either offer a qualified retirement plan or facilitate the state’s savings program.

Your state will let you know if your company is required to register for a state’s auto-administered IRA program. If you have not been invited to enroll, no action is required.

If you’re notified to enroll by one of the below state programs, you’re eligible to integrate your company’s auto-IRA with Gusto to automate payroll deductions and streamline your plan administration. Vestwell and the state auto-IRA programs do not charge a fee for this integration or to administer the program. You can view registration requirements, upcoming deadlines and exemption options directly on your state’s website.

If your company registers for another state’s program, you can set up manual payroll deductions