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Upload custom documents

Hiring a team member often comes with a lot of paperwork. Gusto helps you digitally manage all the documents your team needs.

You can upload PDF versions of documents and use our drag and drop tool to map fields you would like to have completed by your team. Once completed, you can make it available for new hires, existing employees and contractors, a specific individual, or all of the above.

This feature is available if you're on Gusto's Complete or Concierge plan.

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab.
  2. Click +Add Document.
  3. Click New document.
  4. Ensure your document is supported by reviewing the criteria here.
  5. Select the file you would like to upload.
    • Upload one document at a time.
    • Make sure that your document is in PDF format.
  6. Name the document.
  7. Select whether the document needs to be filled out:
    • If it does, select Yes.
    • If it only needs to be read and acknowledged, select No.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Use the drag and drop fields to map your form - see the table below, describing the fields.
  10. Click Save & Continue once you've completed the mapping.
  11. Preview the document. If you need to go back to make edits, click Back, otherwise, select Continue to proceed.
  12. Select how you plan to use this document–you cannot change this selection later:
    •  shared document for multiple recipients.
    • Individual document - a customized document for a single recipient.
  13. Let us know who should receive the document.
  14. Click Send document.

Keep in mind: Once a form has been signed by a team member, we cannot remove that from their profile. You can delete the form to avoid additional signings but any signed agreement will remain visible in Gusto accounts.

Custom doc fields

Requested fields These fields are manually completed by the individual signing the form
Signature Manually entered field by the signing party

Custom field to enter information not captured from the other mapping options

  • Ex. employee title
Text (Optional) Allows the document-signer to input information or leave the field blank without it causing an error.
Initials  Signing parties' initials

Optional selection field

  • These display as “x” during the preview stage
Admin fields Information to be completed by the account administrator mapping the form
Automatic fields This information will autocomplete based on the signers existing information in Gusto
Signing date Date the form is completed by the signing party
Company name If a trade name is on file this is the name that will be used. If not, the legal company name is populated
Auto fields

Fields automatically filled based on information already in a person's Gusto account

  • There's an auto field for SSN and EIN as it relates to contractors (individual and business) - if not applicable, this will show as "N/A" in the uploaded doc. 















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