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Default hours for salaried employees

The default hours recorded on payroll for salaried employees are calculated based on the number of company pay periods in the year and the standard of 2,080 annual working hours. See the below list of pay periods and the corresponding default hours set for salaried employees.

  • Every week: 40 hours
    • 52 pay periods
  • Every other week: 80 hours
    • 26 pay periods
  • Twice a month: 86.67 hours
    • 24 pay periods
  • Monthly: 173.33 hours
    • 12 pay periods

You can also edit these hours in payroll if they need to be adjusted for the pay period.

Example: There is a total of 2,080 working hours per year. Joe is paid every other week, for a total of 26 pay periods in the year.  2,080 total annual hours divided by 26 pay periods equals 80 hours per pay period.

If you have an employee who works more or less than the default 40 hours per week and you want their actual hours worked to be reflected on the pay stub, you will need to add them as an hourly employee and add their specific default hours. 

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