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Set up a new pay schedule

Set up your pay schedule(s) with Gusto so we know when to pay your employees. We support the following pay schedule frequencies: weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, and annual schedules. 

Pay schedule options

  • Everyone on one pay schedule

    • All employees, hourly and salaried, will be on the same pay schedule

    • Compatible with Gusto Time Tracking and Projects.

  • By compensation type

    • Hourly and salaried employees will be on separate pay schedules.

    • Compatible with Gusto Time Tracking and Projects.

  • By employee–this pay schedule type can only be established after onboarding has been completed.

    • Allows creation of custom multiple pay schedules (e.g. by location, department, owner status, etc.)

    • Not compatible with Gusto Time Tracking and Projects.

For advice about what schedule(s) would work the best for your company, check out our blog post.

Set up a new pay schedule

  1. Go the Company details section of your account.

    • If you’re still onboarding, go directly to the Pay Schedule section.

      • Consider Gusto’s recommendation for pay schedule type and paying in arrears–creating a buffer between the end of the pay period and payroll deadline so employees’ hours can be reviewed and approved. 

      • Be sure to check your state laws to know what schedule is right for your team.

  2. Click Add New Pay Schedule.

  3. Choose how you’d like to assign employees to a pay schedule:

    • Everyone on one schedule

    • By compensation type

    • By employee - this pay schedule type can only be established after onboarding has been completed. 

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Select the pay schedule you’d like to use for each group or add a new one using the drop-downs. 

    • If adding a new schedule: follow the remaining prompts to set it up, click Preview upcoming paydays before saving to see a snapshot of your pay schedule in the future, and click Save once complete.

      • Keep in mind: paydays will always fall on a weekday, regardless of the payment method (check or direct deposit). If the payday falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the system will default to the business day prior to the payday. 

  6. Click Continue once all employee types have been assigned to a pay schedule.

  7. Review the changes, and click Submit if everything looks correct.

  8. If you had autopilot enabled, head back to the Company details page to enable it again for the new payroll(s).

When adjusting your pay schedule, you might have to run a special transition payroll. If so, it’ll be waiting for you on the Dashboard. To edit your pay schedule(s) in the future, follow these instructions.


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