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Set up a pay schedule

Set up your pay schedule with Gusto so we know when to pay your employees. We support weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly schedules. Check out this guide to learn more about your options.

  1. Click the Get Started tab. 
  2. Click Step 6: Select a Payroll Schedule.
  3. Next to the Pay Schedule section, click Set Payroll Schedule.
  4. Select your pay period.
  5. Select your pay days.
  6. Choose your first pay date.
  7. Select the date range for your first pay period.
  8. Click preview next paydays to see a snapshot of your pay schedule in the future.
  9. Once you have your preferred schedule setup, click Save.

After you set up your pay schedule for the first time, you can edit it in the future in the Company Details tab of your account. Once you're in the Company Details tab, follow steps 3-8 above to edit your schedule. 

Note: If you want to set up multiple pay schedules, you can add the second pay schedule after setting up your first one.