Record past payrolls

There may be times when you need to run a payroll with a check date in the past to appropriately report wages. If you've forgotten to report wages for an employee that was already paid, follow the steps below. If you need to report historical wages for a contractor, head to this article

If you're still in the onboarding phase, head to this article to learn how to add previous payrolls during account setup. 

  1. Process an off-cycle payroll with the payment amount. 
    • If you've already processed one or more payrolls outside of Gustoclick here for next steps on how to get that information added to Gusto.
      • This includes payrolls where taxes have already been paid—use the link above to report the payroll and indicate you don't want Gusto to pay the associated taxes.
  2. Click the Check Date, and select the date in the past.
    • If the check date was before the first day of the current quarter, click the Help tab of your account to get in contact with us.
  3. Update the Payment Method to Check.
  4. Finish running the off-cycle payroll.

Please be cautious when selecting a check date too far in the past. You may receive a late payment penalty by the federal or state agencies if you've selected a check date that occurs outside your tax deposit frequency.