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Commuter Benefits Card: Basic Information

Commuter benefits help pay for qualified commuting expenses with pre-tax money.

If your commuter benefits are managed by Gusto, you will be issued a Gusto Benefits Card to pay for qualified transit and parking commuter expenses.

How to use your card

Transit: You can use your card on qualified transit or parking expenses. For qualified transit expenses, you must pay using your Gusto Benefits Card. Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses won't be approved without a denied claim on your card.

Parking: You can use your card or submit a claim for reimbursement—you don't need a denied claim like with transit.

Qualified Transit Expenses Qualified Parking Expenses Non-qualified expenses
Train Parking lots Tolls
Subway Parking meters Gas
Bus Parking garages Car maintenance
Ferry   Parking that isn't part of your commute
Uber Pool/Lyft Line (only in select cities)    

The maximum pre-tax election for transit and parking contributions in 2018 is $260/month, regardless of the balance you may have on your card.