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Commuter Benefits Card: Basic Information

Commuter benefits help pay for qualified commuting expenses only—not to be spent on health expenses—with pre-tax money.

If your commuter benefits are managed by Gusto, you will be issued a Gusto Benefits Card to pay for qualified transit and parking commuter expenses.

Some transit vendors—while conveniently located at public transit stations—may also sell other miscellaneous items like newspapers, coffee, parking passes, etc. These expenses are unqualified expenses. If your card is declined, you can submit a claim to get reimbursed for qualified expenses only. 

Types of expenses

Qualified Transit Expenses Qualified Parking Expenses Unqualified expenses
Train Parking lots Tolls
Subway Parking meters Gas
Bus Parking garages Car maintenance
Ferry   Parking that isn't part of your commute
Uber Pool/Lyft Line (only in select cities)    

The maximum pre-tax election for transit and parking contributions in 2019 is $265/month, regardless of the balance you may have on your card.

Find more information about transferring commuter funds, unused funds, and what happens post-employment here.