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Offer commuter benefits with Gusto

Commuter benefits help employees pay for qualified commuting expenses with pre-tax money. To have commuter benefits with Gusto, you must have health insurance with Gusto. If you already offer commuter benefits and manage them externally, you can set up deductions for payroll.

Pricing: $200 annual base fee + $2.50/participant/month, both covered by your company. If you offer additional types of accounts (like an FSA or HSA), there's no additional base fee — you only pay one $200 base fee per year regardless of how many accounts you offer.  

Follow these steps to start offering commuter benefits to your team: 

  1. Click on the Benefits tab.
  2. Under “Add Benefits” you'll find a Commuter tile. Click Get Started.
  3. It’ll ask you if you already offer these benefits. Click No if this is your first time offering commuter benefits.
    • If you would like to transfer an existing commuter benefit to Gusto, go to the Help tab to contact our team. 

Once you’ve finished adding the commuter benefits, we'll email you with the effective date and your employees will be notified to enroll. Unlike most other benefits, your team can change their commuter benefit elections anytime throughout the year.

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