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Bank statement debits for benefits savings accounts

Depending on the type of account you offer, you'll see different debits on your company’s bank account.

Commuter/Health FSA/Dependent Care FSA

These employee accounts are linked to your company’s bank account. Therefore, you will only see money move when your employees use their funds. These transactions will appear as “MBI or Med-I-Bank” debits on your bank statement. You'll receive a monthly disbursement report by email on the first of each month to reconcile the debits from the previous month.


Since HSAs are your team's personal bank accounts, money moves when deposits are made into their HSAs. You'll see a debit 5 days after the check date of your payroll for the total of all employee HSA deductions and employer HSA contributions. This debit will appear as Avidia Bank:Gusto Insurance: [Company Name].

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